How to Save Your Eyes Against Monitor’s Light Fully

How to Save Your Eyes Against Monitor's Light Fully

How to Save Your Eyes Against Monitor’s Light Fully. Hi friends! How are you?Today i am going to tell you a new information. That is to save our eyes during browse in laptop or Desktop. Let’s see how?

How to Save Your Eyes Against Monitor’s Light Fully

The light of Desktop/Laptop monitor is very much dangerous for our eyes.Those who pass a long time in computer ,day by day their eyes become affected by many diseases.To protect these type of problems there is a very small software named f.lux.By downloading & installing it your problems can be solved.So why do you wait.Download the software and install it.


After installation It will work perfectly if you provide the ZIP code of your local area as because for the best performance adjusting with local time. So save your eyes against monitor’s light & enjoy working with Laptop or Desktop without any fear of loosing vision of your valuable eyes.

How To Protect g-mail Account From The Hackers


Hi friends! how are you ? G-mail is the e-mail service of Anyone can use it very easily. It’s why it is very much popular all over the world. 

Today I am going to tell you about how to protect g-mail account from the hackers. So let’s start

1. Log in to your gmail account.

2. Click “Account” on the right top corner.

3.Then Click “Security”.

4.Then notice the status of 2-step verification which is off.You have to make it on by clicking click “edit“.

5.Then put your password again & click sign in”.

6.Then click “See how it works”

7.Then click Start Setup”

8.Enter your mobile no. to which you want to get your google verification text sms code.If you want to get a voice call  to receive the code no then you can select “Voice call” option which is under the “Text Message(SMS)” option.

9.Then click “Send Code.”

10.Instantly Google will send you a verification code.Enter that code in the verification option.Then click “verify”

11.Then remove the tick sign from “Trust This Computer Option by clicking on that tick mark .Then click “don’t trust this computer” & click “confirm”.

Finally you have done it.Now your gmail account is 99% safe from the hackers.

Remember:Every time now google will send you a verification code over your mobile & by putting that no you will log in to your account. As a result your account will be more safe than any other condition.

Now I think all of you are clear that how to protect g-mail account from the hackers. Thanks to all. If there is any problem then comments please.

How To Auto Backup Your Computers Data

Auto Backup Your Computers Data:

‘Everyday Auto Backup’   is a free software(1.7 MB) by which anyone can keep auto backup of any important file in any drive.As a result  if there is any problem in a computer then it can resume its’ data from the auto backup file.

For Example:

The time of auto back up has been selected for every 30 minutes in the software.Suppose, you are doing something in power point.In the meantime you thought that the file which you created before 30 minutes was right.Then you can get it back by the back up folder.On the other hand if you have deleted any fie by mistake, then you can get it back by the above mentioned way.

Click Here for DownLoad

1.Download the software

2.Install it

3.Click Projects,then click Add & open a new project

4.In the Source Directory show the data/file from the computer which you want keep in back up & select the place from the Destination Directory where you want to keep it as a backup.Select the duration of Auto back up from the Schedule such as minute/hour/weekly/monthly/yearly etc.Then save.Its finished.

Ok, bye today & if there is any problem then comments pls.


Save ms word Document as PDF

We use PDF to create e-book & so on.We use many softwares to do that.But we can do it very easily by ms word.

The system is described below-

1.Download & Install this addon (by Microsoft)

2.Type necessary documents by opening MS WORD

3.Click Save as,then click PDFor XPS

4.Save as PDF.So our document is saved as PDF

So enjoy pdf.